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Saturday, July 4, 2009

cheating friend...

Dear. Chick,
My friend's husband is cheating on her. I am undecided as to whether I should tell her or not.
- worried -

Dear. Worried,

Well, there are a lot of unanswered ??'s here. Do you know for CERTAIN that he is cheating?? Do you have proof? If you go to your friend - I am sure she will want some sort of certainty regarding this matter. Also, how CLOSE are you with this friend? If this is merely an acquaintance then maybe you should just try and put it out of your head. If this is a close friend - it's a little more difficult. A lot of people ask themselves 'what would I want to know?' and most people THINK they'd want to be told - however, a lot of people without realizing it - prefer to live in denial - especially if there is a marriage or children involved. There is also the issue that if you DO tell your friend - you risk losing the friendship - I guess that could also be the risk if you don't tell - it's a very hard space to be put in. If you feel you MUST tell.. maybe an anonymous letter would be a safer bet. Then the information is in the hands of your friend and she can decided how to handle it - and you are sort of removed. Hopefully you can just be there for whatever support she may need... good luck...


Saturday, April 25, 2009

No action south of the boarder...

Dear Chick,

My wife very rarely goes down on me anymore. When we were dating it was a regular occurrence but we've been married for a while now and the oral sex has disappeared.

Missing the mouth


Dear Missing the mouth,

Sex is wonderful isn't it?! And what is the next best thing to sex?! ORAL sex of course!!!! Now, the first thing that popped into my head was 'are YOU still giving oral sex to HER?' - If you are then 'absolutely' you should expect the same courtesy in return. If you are not - well, buck up mister - you reap what you sew. When sexual expectations are not aligned it can be the cause of a lot of problems. Now, the BEST thing a guy can do when he desires oral sex is to make that APPEALING. Give it a man-scaping job - no one likes to floss with pubes! Don't just assume that a shower will do the job - give that thing a good scrubbing right before getting intimate - if it's tasty she just may want to try it ;o) Start off by giving her a tongue tickle first then tell her how CRAZY she makes you when she tastes you too.. It's always best to encourage during a 'positive moment' then to have to resort to a 'discussion' about 'what's wrong with your sex life' - the latter, sometimes is necessary - but when it comes to such an intimate topic - try to lead the way by setting a positive example for what you need an want. Give before you expect to receive - a good motto to live by, both in and out of the bedroom ;o)

Here's hoping you're slobbered on soon!!

Cheers - Chick!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Peter pointer... the disappointer!!

"My husband likes to use his fingers on me during foreplay. Although I appreciate his effort, I really do not like how he does it. I have enjoyed this with other men before though. How do I tell him I don't like how he is doing it without hurting his feelings?" - Mary
Dear Mary,

TOUCHY subject isn't it?! The good news is that you have experienced this before with other men so you know that you can enjoy it - and should sista!! I do have a solution for you that can add to the pleasure you seek and avoid dampening your man's efforts. First start by showing him - up close - how you like it. If you like it slow tell him how GOOOOOD it feels when it's slow and sexy like that.. etc. Play up the things you really ENJOY so he takes notice. Then guide his hands and maneuver him the way you like it. Don't be afraid to 'assist' when he's trying to pleasure you - men like direction and like to be CERTAIN they are giving you what you want. If that still doesn't work for ya then don't be afraid to very gingerly talk to him about it.. Be sure to highlight the things you LOVE that he does and encourage him to try again to make things work ;o) If it doesn't go over well.. just lick his fingers and SHOW him how he does it for you in so many other ways!!!

Cheers xo! --Chick